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Extend your enterprise with a squad that creates and distributes interactive end-to-end online reliable solutions based on the user experience. We’re as diverse as the services and products our customers sell, proud makers of great online products you can feel good about using. Each interaction matters, make the wise simple movements with a peace of mind.

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Branding solutions – to be positioned in one of today's markets with relevance, efficiency and relevance is to have a strong brand to interpret as a trusted reference for your customers and have organic attraction whether by identification or community. To achieve this, we offer strategic and creative end-to-end services around branding, graphic charter and components, logo and slogan, brand and product name research, marketing message to the target market, resource and content production, identity sound, video and illustration markers.

Drawing solutions – our team members are very creative, we design custom illustration libraries that are in line with your brand, product, and market to enhance the pages of your social media and digital supports such as your website, your platform, your documentation and others. We offer all types of custom drawings, for example, for your book cover. Our method is to share drafts and work towards the final version together, for this you will be in contact with our art director to validate the editorial line as well as with our graphic designers.

Web and app solutions – we edit online experiences from the showcase website to advanced features platform, including e-commerce. Many formats are available to you and your project such as web access or application, on all devices. Depending on the situation of your project, our project managers and developers adapt, but generally our method is organized from the editing of UI/UX to plan and evaluate together, then we move on to development whether it is full-code, low-code or using a CMS depending on your choice.

The partner you need – bespoke design, we love creating beautiful, accessible design that speaks clearly to it’s audience, from art direction right the way through website design and development. Our customer solutions generated +£47M in 2020, a KPI which has a growth trend of +8% on average per year, we work each year with more than 25 client companies continuously, and 60 on average in spontaneous requests

Distribution and expansion solutions – worldwide operations process, marketing, print and packaging, EMEA distribution, legal compliance, GDPR, tax optimization and more. Data driven Ops, Growth, go2market, business diagram (BPMN), audit and report, scale Ops Strategies, product/market fit strategy

Social engagement solutions – massive and targeted communication services to turn passive viewers into active ones, rank for more queries, send more traffic to your website, capture and convert leads, reach new audiences and so much more to engage and sell

Interactions solutions – social media animation, advertising, newsletter, internal com, press, customer care and support center, VOIP and call center, surveys

Experiences solutions – create and optimize the end-user experience starting with the UI/UX stage, building an ideal and fluid user journey based on features

Sales solutions – acquisition, SEO, cold email, prospecting custom machine, Linkedin, NPS – CPA, CVR and LTV – Traction MRR – ARR financial development, sourcing, CRM

£340 / DAILY
£1,4k / MONTHLY
£42 / HOURLY

Prices all taxes included, excluding potential technical fees. The subscription to a monthly plan is associated with a minimum commitment period of 4 months. Some projects may not be compatible with the subscription format. Contact us to get a personalized offer.

Français : Tarifs toutes taxes incluses, hors potentiels frais techniques. La souscription d’un abonnement mensuel s’associe à une durée minimale d’engagement de 4 mois. Certains projets ne sont pas compatibles avec le format d'abonnement. Sollicitez-nous pour obtenir une offre personnalisée. Aucune modification des montants sur les conversions entre £ et €.

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